Welcome to TheGingerBook! My Book where I write about what I like to discuss the most: Fashion, Entertainment and Men! Specifically what you will find here Ladies and Gentlemen, is my reviews/comments about the latest trend in fashion, and about restaurants/clubs and bars around the beautiful city of Montreal, Canada. You will also find some concert reviews, fashion discoveries, interviews with artists, and for the ladies ONLY I will introduce you to classy and sexy looking men in my Oh Men.. section and many many other things. Oh and don’t get confuse. I didn’t name my blog after my hair color!

Just to get to know me a little bit, my name is GyGy A. Ginger and I am 21 years old. I’ve been blogging since I was 16 years old and I’ve been doing it for fun since then. I have many of obsessions: Shoes, Kaskade (My fav Music Producer), dancing, Lipsticks, Men, Men, Men, dreams…I’m outgoing, easy to talk too, always smiling. I’m not perfect so I would say that my flaws are: I’m strict, I get pissed of easily, stressed, all over the place, complains a lot and I am demanding (occasionally). Ah, there I said it!

Last thing about me..Lets say that I’m a simple young lady who pays attention to details and dream big!

Now flip the pages and explore my book :)

Ginger xox




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