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Hello Darlings,

I am so sad that this trip is quickly, way too quickly, coming to an end. My last weekend in South Korea was in a way magical and lots of love!

(Sorry for the typos)

Day 11 (Friday)

After a relaxing Thursday night at home, Friday wasn’t going to be like that at all! It was a Korean holiday: Independence Day! For that occasion, Kels, Lily and I went to visit an ancient palace; The Gyeongbokgung palace! It was amazingly gorgeous! Inside of the palace area, there was the museum called The National Folk Museum of Korea which basically explained all about the Korean tradition.

Then we went to eat at this fabulous Italian restaurant called Cafe Mama! I had the best chicken wrap ever!!! And on the way back home, I saw the weirdest thing…


Day 12 (Saturday)

That day I didn’t know what we were going to do. All I knew is that Kels and I were meeting Hanna (that we knew back in Montreal) and that’s it. To our surprised, she invited a friend and decided to bring us at Lotte World Adventure (which is like a Disney world). I suddenly felt like a little kid in an amusement park! I’ve never been to Disney World so this was my Korean version of Disney! This amusement park was actually inside of the Lotte Department store (a big mall which had high-end stores) as well as outside! That made my night! We didn’t do many rides because the lineups were suuuuper long!

Hanna came back home with us for a sleepover! We spent the night watching a Korean drama ;D

Day 13 (Sunday)

Hanna absolutely wanted us to go to her house to meet her family and to sleep over at her place too :) She lives at 3-hours from where we lived. We all got up early and we took a bus to Gangneung! Once we got there, Hanna brought us to the traditional market where people were selling their cuisine, spices, nuts, vegetables, and desserts in the streets. We tasted the traditional Korean pancakes :) They were good! They are made with potatoes, kimchi, and spinach I think! Then after the market, we went to buy fruits for Hanna’s parents as a present (Korean tradition to bring a gift for the family such as a basket of fruits). Her parents welcomed us with opened arms and they were happy to finally meet us! (Because Hanna talked a lot about us to her family). The sisters were adorable! The family brought us to a restaurant in the afternoon and they cooked a big Korean meal for dinner. I ate like a pig!!!!! It was amazingly delicious!

It was another sleepover night that ended with eating Twix, playing Go Stop (a traditional Korean card game), and watching Korea’s Next Top Model!! Thank you again Hanna and her adorable family for having us :)

What a great and fun weekend :D Next post will be a brief summary of my last week!!

Ginger xox