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Hello darlings,

(Sorry for the typos)

Day 9 (Wednesday)

So today, Lily brought Kelsey and I to…Oh I can never remember that name! Anyway it was the city where we could see the house of the President of South Korea. Unfortunately we couldn’t take pictures of the President’s house; they were police officers everywhere! But before going near the President’s house, we walked in a touristic area which was full a stores, art galleries and restaurants/cafes.


At night, we joined Dani and Chirs at a bar for a last crazy night out since it was Dani’s last night in South Korea. So we drank and we all moved to a quite fancy karaoke place. We had our own private Karaoke booth with unlimited drinks and fruits and snacks. We were suddenly superstars ;) We left the place at 4:40am! #OnlyInSouthKorea

Day 10 (Thursday)

That day we didn’t do much. Kels and I were supposed to hangout with a friend but it got cancelled early in the afternoon. So we watched a Korean drama all day and I met up with a friend from Montreal during the night! It was a pretty relax and lazy day!

Ginger xox