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Hello darlings,

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Day 7 (Monday)

Today Lily made us discover a beautiful place called Han River. It was a large park next to the river where you can rent a bike for an hour, and where you can order food to eat outside, and also a romantic place for a picnic! We went to have a little treat at the CNNCafe which was in an amazing glass building.

Then at 8pm, it was show time! On the bridge there was a water and light show that everybody could enjoy while having a picnic! It was a very nice peaceful place to visit. I didn’t want to leave! Very gorgeous!

Day 8 (Tuesday)

In the early afternoon, Kels and I decided to check out the little shopping area that was in front of our apartment because we always pass in front of it and see interesting stores but we never had the time to go in. It was called Lotte Outlets. So they carried brands at discounted prices. I was pissed because they had the mint Nike shoes that I wanted since day 1!!! Ughhhhh!! Whatever I am still happy with the pink ones.

Around 6pm, Kels and I decided to visit the Namsan tour by ourselves since it was two located two stations away from our apartment. At night, it was the most gorgeous time to go there! The tower looked great with its pink/purple lights. We took a one way drive with the tower cable car. Basically the cable car dropped us near the tower then we had to either take a bus to go down the hill or to go down ourselves. We choose to go down by ourselves because the bus was taking forever to arrive. Well it was a big struggle to go down. The hill looked like the game Temple Run! I was a bit scared at some point because it was dark. We were a bit lost too! I have videos of the Temple Run experience on my Keek.com/xgygyx !

Ginger xox