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Hello Darlings,

While being here in Seoul with only 2 friends, Kelsey and I wanted to meet more people so we used the help of Tinder! We got to talk with a few people and we all met them on Friday (day 4) :) We had a blast together!

Day 4

Grocery day! We finally had time to go the grocery store and buy a lots of food and drink. Then it was time to meet a first new friend Josh!

Oppa Gangnam style! Friday was the day Kels and I deceided to meet all the people we talked to on Tinder! We got there with Josh and Lili. Then We met Dani and his friend Chris then Josh’s friend Tommy joined us and Ana, Kelsey’s friend back in Montreal. We ended up being 8 in total. We went shoe shopping! Josh found a Nike store and I rushed inside! I was so happy to find the shoe that I wanted and to find my size as well! We went to a store that had Converse on sales….Like at $9 you could have a pair of Converse, no joke!


After the fun shoe shopping, we all went to a Korean restaurant. I again forgot the name of the meal but it was mainly pork and noodles. After dinner we all went home to get pretty to go out again in Itaewon. We all meet up there and we went to have drinks until 1:30 am. Clubs close at 5 or 6 am so we didn’t need to rush! Then we wanted to go to UN club but it looked so ratchet so we went to Helios again thinking it was going ti be good like the night before. Unfortunately, it sucked so bad. I was so disappointed. Anyway it was crazy to see so many people during the night! It is nothing compared to Montreal! At 4 am it looked like a drunk rush hour! CRAZY!! And I’ve never seen so many black people in South Korea before! They all come out at night!

Day 5

We spent our Saturday in Busan for the Illionaire 11:11 concert! Kelsey is a fan of them and she absolutely wanted to go see them live and at the same time, it was her very first concert! It was a good Korean rap concert :) We got back to Seoul at 3:30 am! Sunday we slept all day and so this is how our weekend ended!

Ginger xox