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Hello Darlings,

Day 2

Second day in Seoul is going good! I met Lili, Kelsey’s friend, who spent the day with us and showed us around. First, Lili brought us to TS entertainment so we could see some Korean Popstar (KPOP). There where already girls waiting in front of the building. They said they were there a long time ago and that a certain Zelo from the group b. a. p.


After doing the little groupies, Lili brought us to the famous Itaewon street where you can find all kinds of foreigners. We went to a Korean restaurant for dinner. I cannot remember how my meal was called but it was basically a hot soup with ribs and noodles, joined with a bowl of rice. Kelsey ordered a bottle of makkeolli which is a Korean alcohol made of rice. It tasted like champagne! Hahah!

After dinner, we went to have a shopping trip deeper into Itaewon. There was a bunch of stores, restaurants and clubs. We went to a Nike store were I fell in love with a mint color pair of Nike. The pair was sold out in the all the 3 colors that they had. I wanted to cry. We did another Nike store and it was the same story. Ahhh I was really sad. It is also quite hard to find my size because Koreans have small feet and the biggest sized that most of them carry is size 8. So the day stopped there and Lili wanted to take us out again the next day.


Day 3

Another day happy day :) We met again with Lili and this time we went to Garosugil. The people are so stylish, I just couldn’t believe it. There where many “hipster” stores. The MCM brand is very popular in South Korea. We went inside of the store and it is amaziiiiiiing and way too expensive!

I learnt that day that plastic surgery was also popular here and the in Seoul, everything is based on the look. Lili could tell precisely who did a plastic surgery. Oh and guys wear BB cream and they shave their legs!

After walking for a few hours, we went to an Italian restaurant and it was delicious! I had a lasagna pizza which consisted of mozzarella cheese and ricotta. Wow I was impressed! The we went to have dessert! Another ice flakes but this time it was the Oreo flavor that we took. THE MOST DELISHHHH DESSERT IN THE WHOLE WORLD!! I swear, I’m going to miss Seoul for this dessert. I described a bit was ice flakes are; basically it is crushed iced with milk and they had fruits and ice cream on top. So good!

Then later at night, we got ready to go clubbing for the first time. We went back to Itaewon to try Helios club (a hip hop club). Kelsey and I were so surprised to see how fun partying with Koreans is! We had a blast with Lili and other people that we met at Helios. Korean guys are hella good looking ;) Lili came back home to sleep with us and that how this fun night ended! To see how the party looked like, click on the link below!


Ginger xox