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Hello darlings,

I woke up at 1pm (midnight for you back in Mtl). I slept like a baby after eating my hash brown burger last night! So on this first official Day 1 in Seoul, Kels and I planned on taking the metro and to go shop a little. We got inside of the metro station (our station was called Seoul Station) and we just didn’t know how to read the map. I figured it out after a long 15 minutes! Hahah. The metro is so clean!! Montreal’s public transportation looks like crap compared to here! Everything is clean, the floor is perfectly polished and shinning!



Seoul Station

Seoul Station

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We were now in Hongdae. The streets were full of stores and restaurants and bars. It looked like a mini downtown to me. Everyone was so stylish! The girls are very feminin; most of them were in heels and wearing skirts or dresses. They don’t wear leggings, well I did not see a single one with leggings yet. The guys are sooo stylish too! They have a quite different style from America (well obviously). If you watch korean drama, you understand what I mean. They are so colorful! I will try to take some pictures of them next time! Since I do not speak a word in Korean, Kelsey’s Korean was very helpful when we were looking for something specific. I loved the fact that people were not surprised that a black girl could speak their language. They treated us pretty well and like a normal human! Lots of people told us before leaving that they are rude sometimes and that they would just stare at you because we would be different but it wasn’t the case at at. I guess it is because we are in Seoul, where all the tourists go so they are used to have foreign people coming in their country.

Anyway, the first store that we went to was H&M! They have exactly the same items as here. I was disappointed because I thought they would have plenty of other style of clothing based on their color and style preferences. But I guess it isn’t so different from America! Then we went to a cat cafe because I really wanted to go there. It was a small place with cats everywhere! The admission ticket was 9000 ($9 Korean) and we had a drink included in the price. (I had an iced caramel macchiato, Delicious!) Most of the cats were grumpy,excited or just sleepy. Some cats were asleep the whole 1h30 that we did there! Some of them were throwing us some dead stare though…Oh well! It was an adorable place!

Then we walked into a MAC cosmetic store which was super expensive! in the US and Canada, it $16-$18 for a lipstick or a lipglass. There it was 29000 ($29 Korean) which equals to $30 Canadian! That’s way too much! We spotted an Aldo store as well. It was empty when we got in, I guess Koreans are not really into Aldo! Most of the stores’ doors are operated by an electronic system in which you have to press the electronic device and the doors open! A demo video is on my Keek at keek.com/xGyGyx

Kels and I had a little frozen dessert since it was super hot and humid outside (30 degrees). I don’t remember the name of it but I think it is Ice flakes or something like that. Basically it is crushed ice with milk, tangerines, sweet red beans (koreans love desserts with red beans) and vanilla ice cream. You have to mix everything up so all the different flavors are all together in one bite! It was yummy but way too big for two!

Frozen dessert :]

Frozen dessert :]

I did not buy a lot on my first day because obviously I have plenty of other places to visit! I bought this exclusive edition of leopard platform Keds sneakers and a T-shirt at Zara. Pictures of everything that I bought will be in a separate post! We got back home around 10pm and I was so hungry that I went to McD’s to buy myself 20 McNuggets. I regretted it after because I was extremely full and my stomach felt terrible. McDonald’s here has McWings and McCrispy (chicken fingers)! It looked delicious. I ordered the chicken McCrispy but the lady thought I asked for the McCrispy wrap and not for the chicken fingers -.- Ohh well next time!


Ginger xox