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Hello darlings,

I am so sorry for the lack of posts but I have a good reason this time: I was planning my 3-week trip to South Korea with my friend! This is officially my very first trip by plane! People are wondering why is South Korea my first big trip. Well because my friend Kelsey is obsessed with the Korean culture and so she decided that she wanted to work there as an English teacher in two years from now. So then she wanted to go this Summer for a few weeks to visit and to see if she really like the country. And as a good friend who is always looking for new adventures, I decided to join her and here we are!


We had three flights to take in order to be in South Korea. Our first flight from Montreal was Sunday at 8am with American Eagle. I was so lost! Airports and I are two! We had two luggage each and I thought we would have to carry them every time during each stopover but in the contrary, they sent our luggage directly to Seoul. It was really convenient! I was pretty excited to get in the plane for the very first time. We jumped aboard a little plane, which looked like a jet, to go to Chicago. My comment about the plane “ride”: it was fun! I wasn’t worried at all since I passed out right after the departure and also because we flew for only 2 hours.

Kelsey's breakfast pizza

Kelsey’s breakfast pizza


Arrived in Chicago, we had to wait 3 hours for our second flight to Tokyo with Japan Airline. The Chicago airport is pretty big and it is pretty nice and comfortable inside. Kelsey and I pretty much walked around the airport and had a very delicious breakfast; she had a pizza breakfast which was eggs, bacon, and tomatoes on a pizza dough. I had a turkey sandwich with bacon, lettuce, and avocado! Pretty simple but damn good. Unfortunately the wifi wasn’t free in Chi-town so I could not update my social accounts to communicate. That was frustrating. When we found our gate, I started to get nervous because the plane was huge! The pilot and co-pilots must really feel like badasses, driving and flying this thing! Kels and LOVED the services of Japan airline: the hostesses are really nice and beautiful, we could good movies (Divergent, Frozen, The Amazing Spider-Man2, etc.), we could play games and listen to music playlists, and we could even keep track of our flight. They gave us food and drinks for free every 3 hours. It was decent food. We flew for 12 hours straight in order to go to Tokyo! That was freaking long and I was scared sometimes when the plane was shaking. The view from the window was gorgeous!! Especially the mountains.

When we finally landed in Tokyo I was so happy to get up and walk! My butt hurt so much hahaha! The wifi was free there! Thank God! I wished we could stay there though because there is so much too see in this populated city. First thing I see at the store in the airport was a stand of different Kit Kat flavors! Asia is known for having a variety of flavors in chocolate! And I can guess that Kit Kat is there favorite! Oh and the toilet seats in their bathrooms are really funny! They have a bottom with a fake flushing sound that you can activate so that people cannot hear what you are actually doing in the cabin! Anyway, Kels and I had to wait for another 3 hours for the next and final flight to Seoul, South Korea.

Finally arrived in Seoul we got excited!!! We rushed to get our bags and we met a very nice girl while on the plane. We took the train and we found our apartment easily (it was right in front of the metro station) I won’t describe the apartment yet since I was planning on having another post just about it! More pictures will be posted in this post as well in the few hours! It’s time for me to sleep, it is 4:37am here! Goodnight

Ginger xox