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Hello darlings,

To continue with the details about my oh-so amazing Grand Prix weekend, I was happy and very excited to participate to the Biggest F1 After Party in the city! Lots of famous faces, important F1 staffs, lots of Chanels and Louboutins and champagne!

Want to see my full outfit? Head over OOTD/OOTN under Chapter 1: Fashion on the top menu ;)

Sunday night at Velvet for the F1 After Party Momentum

This was the best club/lounge I’ve ever been in my life! It didn’t even feel like I was in a club, it felt like as if I was in someone’s big living room! The atmosphere was very cozy and vintage; the walls were made of wood and bricks. What I liked the most was the modern touch of the decor; the humongous spine exposed right in the entrance! I swear it is so beautiful!


I was joined by the team from YTA Designs which is a fantastic company specializing in Graphic Designs, Prints, and Distribution. They have big plans for the future and it is a company to keep in eye on for the next months! They are a team of 10 in total and they have projects rolling! Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and on their website to know more about them ;)

Yanna and I

Picture from Ed Yao Photography|President of YTA Designs and I

Ed Yao Photography

Picture from Ed Yao Photography|YTA Designs and I

Guess who I saw again? Jean Pascal whom I’ve also seen the night before at Buonanotte (If you haven’t read about this night click here). The people were gorgeous! It was absolutely the place to be if you wanted to meet some important F1 people. I talked to a few of them and they were exhausted from the race! Hopefully we will stay in touch until next year’s Grand Prix ;)

Jean Pascal and I

Jean Pascal and I


Velvet had a little entertainment surprise as well for the guests; there was a little dance scenario with women wearing body painting who were all in a giant glass box! It was pretty artistic!


I was glad to be at Velvet with the team of YTA Designs and we will definitely come back very soon! The party was insane and count me in to come back to Momentum next year as well!

Veuve Clicquot_sign

Cheers to champagne

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