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Hello Darlings,

My favourite weekend of all time in the city is the Grand Prix weekend! Lets face it; there are lots of hot cars and hot guys! I love seeing Montreal full of people from around the World. It makes the city alive and exciting. Along with the tourists, comes expensive champagne and VIP parties! I organized my schedule 2 weeks and advance for my Saturday and Sunday night and let me tell you that both nights where a success! Here are more details!

Want to see my full outfit? Head over Get Dressed Up under Chapter 1: Fashion on the top menu ;)

Saturday night at Buonanotte

First of all, I have to say that our hostess was very friendly and she gave us an excellent bottle service despite the amount of groups she had to take care of! We had a table outside on the terrace because inside it was packed! My friends and I would go in to dance our favorite songs then go back to our table to breath because it was so crowded and hot!

Selfie with Moet

Selfie with Moet

I was joined by the team from YTA Designs which is a fantastic company specializing in Graphic DesignsPrints, and Distribution. They have big plans for the future and it is a company to keep in eye on for the next months! They are a team of 10 in total and they have projects rolling! Follow them on FacebookTwitter, and on their website to know more about them ;)

Buonanotte_June7th 2014_3_sign

Since Grand Prix is the hottest weekend in town, of course our fav athletes were also out and about! Present at Buonanotte were Jean Pascal and P. K. Subban! (They were gorgeous as always!)

Buonanotte_June7th 2014_2sign

Cheers to Champagne!

It was a fun night full of champagne and good looking tourists ;) Lets face it, Buonanotte is the fanciest and coolest supperclub in town! The music will make you go wild on the dancefloor!

Read my next post for more details about my following Grand Prix Weekend at Velvet Auberge St-Gabriel for the F1 closing party!

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Ginger xox

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