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“Ginger is Crushing on…” is a way to give a shout out to men who are passionate and have a talent in what they do. My crushes could be bloggers, photographers, local artists, designers, and more.

Hello Darlings,

My crush this week (well for him it’s a everyday-24/7 crush) is one of my fav Habs players! This young defenseman is the funniest and the nicest guy in the team. He turned 25 years old Tuesday and his new age brought him and the team luck for Wednesday’s game versus the Bruins!

Ottawa Senators v Montreal Canadiens - Game Five

I’ve met Subby a couple of time and he just cannot stop smiling to people! He loves to talk and crack a few jokes. His smile is super contagious and oh-so adorable ;)

At the NHL 13 launch last year

At the NHL 13 launch last year

Subban and I have a lot in common: like listening to house music, loving sushi and Hamburgers and going clubbing! A first date with him would look like this:

  1. Have dinner at Park
  2. Head to Buonanotte for champagne and share a good time on the dance floor

Then the second date would be like:

  1. Lunch at M:BRGR (eating the burger named after him duhh!)
  2. Go shopping (yes yes he likes to shop!)
  3. EDM night out at New City Gas !! Woot Woot!!
  4. His house, or my house?

You can follow Subban on Twitter @PKSubban1 and on his official website www.pksubban.com

Don’t forget to vote for PK Subban for the NHL 15 cover HERE!!!

Ginger xox #GoHabsGo

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