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Hello Darlings,

Guess what’s happening today? No it is not a #ThrowbackThursday post! It is my new Thursday’s Thirstday!!! In this new generation being thirsty means two things: 1.being actually thirsty for water or for any kind of drinks and 2. being in need of a man!

Since I like to drink and I like men a lot, my Thirstdays are basically sharing with you some drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) that I have tried or that I want to try and share some hot dudes ;) Ladies, every Thursday we meet here on TheGingerBook!

Drink: Champagne, Veuve Clicquot! My fav champagne and I recently went to have a glass with a friend at Buonanotte!


Men (I’m starting with 2 men instead of 1 for the first #Thirstday!): The Franco Brothers

franco boys

I just cannot stop being obsessed with these brothers! My Fav is Dave of course ;) Oh and his new movie Neighbors is coming out tomorrow featuring another hottie, Zac Efron and the hilarious Seth Rogen! Will you go see it?

Ginger xox

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