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Hello Darlings,

I’ve been following this gentleman for two years on Twitter. Believe it or not, I’ve seen him grow and matured through social media and now he has a blog of his own. You might be already familiar with the famous hash tag #ProperKidProblems on Twitter and on Tumblr.

Dean who had been anonymous since day uno, has finally revealed his identity to the public. Honestly, seeing how Dean looked like did not change the way I see him. I’m not the only one who had fallen for his classy Tweets and sophisticated outfits; Dean is a true gentleman. He knows how to talk with people (virtually) and I believe so in real life as well. What I really admire the most about my crush is that he never bragged about living the “rich” life compared to some #RichKidsOfInstagram kind of people. Instead he learnt certain people how to love his style and his “proper life” in a respectful and peaceful way.

He adores writing and sharing things with his readers and that is why he decided to have his own blog where you can actually see a complete list of where he shops, his weekly fashion picks, and you can also participate to an open talk with him (he answers to everyone! Who else does that these days? Amazing!). When you read his blog, you feel like you are reading a blog full of life and passion for fashion and the classy lifestyle. You don’t even realized that you are reading a blog of a young 20 years-old man! No offense, it is in fact a compliment! It shows how mature he is ;) You can still all relate to his blog posts if you are in your twenties, a student, a young gentleman who likes to dress or a female who just adore Dean (like me).

I would like to meet Dean one day and have tea and macarons (#ProperKidProblems) and teach him something that will add a plus to his gentleman lifestyle…Dean, do you speak a bit French? Ahhh I will be glad to teach you a few words. On ne sait jamais!

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Ginger xox

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