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Hello Darlings,

You all know that I have an obsession with Kaskade’s music! I listen to everything he does and if I remember correctly, back in January he announced on Twitter that he was going to release a remix of a new song called “Smile” by Galantis. I’d never heard of that group so I did my research and found out they were a new Swedish dance music duo. I listened to their music and I instantly fell in love with this group.

The songs that I cannot stop listening to are “Smile” and “You”. Galantis has talent and they offer a different and unique sound than all the other artists. I was shocked and happy to see that MONTREAL is on their little tour’s list!! I am so not missing this show which will be on April 27th!!! Galantis is definitely the group to watch closely this year!

Galantis’ EP is out TODAY! Go get it http://www.wearegalantis.com/

Listen to their tracks on SoundCloud at soundcloud.com/wearegalantis

Ginger xox