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3 Kisses banner_Thank YouHello Darlings,

I stopped writing for a month because I realized that the next post will be a special one because…This is now…My 100th post!! I cannot believe that I have been posting already 100 posts! As you may know, I call myself a bad blogger and I would never thought I would reach that number anytime soon haha!

I’m taking this opportunity to thank all of you who has been reading, clicking, taking a quick look, liking, and sharing TheGingerBook. It feels good to know that there are people around the world supporting the blog and I appreciate all the time that each one of you spend here! I still have a lot to work on but I think most of what I’ve done so far is already doing good.

I also am grateful to have such cool and adorable connections on Twitter! Being followed by my fav spots in town (Suite 701, Plateau Lounge, Wunderbar, La Champagnerie), having a conversation with many of my fav stores and clothing brands (Nordstrom, Holt Renfrew, Dynamite, Lady Dutch, Simons, Malandrino, Schutz Shoes) , having to share cocktail tips with my fav brand of drinks (Ciroc, Perrier), having the biggest jewelry house to follow me (Maison Birks), having other amazing bloggers to share fashion ideas with (Le Cahier, 3Filles, 1Ville), having to share a conversation with the city’s best hotels (Hotel Place D’Armes, Hotel Zero 1, Hotel St-Martin), having a reply from one of my fav shoe designers (Jerome C. Rousseau), and having to get to know all of my other followers made me happy to have started this blog and made me want to continue to work on it and hopefully start to have new projects for the near future. I cannot name every one but big THANK YOU to you all and most importantly, THANK YOU to my friends who have been supporting me since day one! You guys know who you are and I cannot say thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me.

Another special thank you to Mavatar.com for giving me the chance to be part of a brand new project! I won’t say more for now as the project is still in the process of being finished. Let me tell you that I am really really really excited to work with them! If you don’t know Mavatar, it is a very cool App that finds great deals on items that you’ve put in your online shopping cart ;) Go check it out!

This blog will continue to grow (not too fast) but will at my own rhythm and hopefully all of you will still continue to watch TheGingerBook grow.


Ginger, who cannot thank you enough!