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Hello Darlings!

Happy New Year 2014 to all of you and thank you for visiting my blog even though I don’t post as often as I would like. Pardon my busy life!

As you might know, or not know, I spent my winter vacation shopping for any kind of things and I’ve been to New York and found some good deals on clothes. If I have time, I will show you what I bought in NYC in another post!

So a few days ago I went to Indigo (for those who don’t know, Indigo is a bookstore in Canada) to find a book to buy but then I saw this fashion set up full of bags, bracelets, key chains, pouches, wallets, scarves; well a real candy store to me! All were on sales! I just didn’t know what to choose so I had to come back 3 times in a row because every time I would regret not buying something. I didn’t buy that much but I just wanted to share with your the useful accessories that I bought :)

First day I went I could not decided if I wanted some bracelets or a fluffy key chain! I decided to get the key chain and a little green pouch. Great accessories for the handbag. The pouch was really what I needed because I change bags often and I have stuff that always need to be with me whenever I change my bag. This pouch allows me to have everything in one place and it is easier that way for me.

On the green pouch you can read “live it, love it, buy it

photo (16)photo (15)Then on the second day I went back and I bought the same key chain for my Mother and another pouch for me which is bigger than the green one and this time I took a burgundy color with “stressed, but well dressed“written on it.

photo (17)Then on the third day I went to buy this simple grey tote that I saw the second day I went. I just couldn’t stop thinking about that bag since I don’t own a tote like that.

photo (18)photo (19)The gray bag unfortunately does not have a zipper but a little “buckle” in the middle. BUT, the bag is really large so it won’t be a problem to stock all of my stuff in it during the summer ;)

photo (20)It was a little accessory shopping which was unexpected at Indigo! Usually I buy books there and nothing else. Oh well!

I cannot wait for the good weather because this week it is freezing!! -30 degrees is not my thing!!

Ginger xox