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Hello darlings,

This month as come by so fast don’t you think? I just realized that I haven’t done that much this June but I can say that I had a few great moments with family and friends. One of the greatest weekends I had this month was my Saturday night out at Houston restaurant and Terrasses Bonsecours.

Houston Avenue Bar&Grill

IMG_1169_signI was glad to go back to Houston’s after 2 years without ever putting a foot inside (I’ve been busy)! Last time I went was the one in Laval which has a fun ambiance in the summer; live band, big and large terrace at the back, and a big bar/lounge section. This time I went to the one located in Square-Victoria since it was not that far from Terrasses Bonsecours. What I absolutely like about Houston is the main colour; Red. It is red everywhere and it is gorgeous! Once you make your way to your reserved spot, you will feel the heat and sensuality of the place; thanks to the  subdued lights! I was excited to be back there to eat my fav crab donuts but to my surprised, this starter has been removed from the menu 5 months ago! I was shocked, these things were so delicious, oh my! Then I did not know what to choose from the menu. Each one of the meal seemed so good (total food porn). I decided to start with an entrée of the “Houston Poutine” and the ingredients were: “Potato wedges, sautée sirloin, cheese curds and BBQ demi-glace“. I wasn’t sure what BBQ demi-glace was but I tried it anyway. When it finally arrived in front of me I was like ‘this is not a starter, this is a meal!’ the plate was big (I have a small appetite). My friend took the “Mini Burgers” and my cousin the “Steak & Fries”. We were so full that we ordered on dessert that we could barely finish!

IMG_1129_signIMG_1130_signIMG_1131_signIMG_1135_signWe didn’t even wanted to leave but it was getting late and it was time to shake it up on the dancefloor at the club with the rest of my friends!!

Terrasses Bonsecours

IMG_1138_signThere is not a lot of things to say about this place. I’ve been there an afternoon to get a drink with my friend and it was pretty great. Lots of choices on the menu as well. But for the club, it was actually my first time and I liked it. Pretty expensive and confusing with all the bracelet colours and reserved spots. I was quite surprised to see that it was really small! We had the VIP section which was on the top top of the terrace. Beautiful view but yet really tight with the number of people that we were! The music was good but I had a hard time dancing; people kept passing in front of me to go God-knows-where! Like I said, it’s really small. I had a good time anyway and sexy UFC champion GSP was also there ;)

To conclude, this was a great fancy Saturday night; no stress, only food and music!

Ginger xox

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