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Hello darlings,

I’ve had my eyes on these Zara white wedges for a few months. The problem is that they cost $100 and previously I’ve already bought 2 pairs of expensive shoes. Seriously, I do not think it is worth it to buy these shoes at that price. But then I couldn’t stop thinking about them and I was ready to finally go buy them until the day I saw this boutique in Mont-Royal called Suki. I passed by last Tuesday because I had a rendez-vous at a nail salon and my friend stopped me in front of this little store. When I looked at the window, there it was, the white pointed wedges! We rushed inside and ask for the price…then I tried them on and said “I will take them”!

They look exactly like the Zara’s and it costed me $45 only!!! Now that is a reasonable price for a pair of shoes like these. The are so comfortable and easy to walk with. Be wise when it comes to buy shoes! Some shoes are worth the high price, some just aren’t.

Dev_InstaSpotted: remember Dev? The singer who Dances in the Dark and who is often making singles with the duo The Cataracs..She also likes the white wedges! Get her look by pairing the shoes with your boyfriend/husband’s long sleeves dress shirt ;)

Also the boutique Suki has plenty of cute clothing and shoes. If you want to check it out, here is the address: 1036 Mont-Royal Est

Ginger xox

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