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It is true, summer is made to stay outside of the house and go dance until the next morning but summer is also a great season to read! So Tuesday I rushed to the nearest library and bought three books! (Thank God for Chapters!) I bought my first erotic/romantic novel called Bared to You written by Sylvia Day.

IMG_1170_SignBared to You is a very hot and romantic story between Eva Tramell and Gideon Cross. Eva just got a new job in the beautiful city of New York as an assistant in an Advertising company. Gideon is so damn rich! He owns Crossfire Industry as well as many buildings in the city including the one where Eva’s apartment is. The two randomly met a day before Eva was starting her job and when she met Gideon’s gaze, she felt her body becoming hot and she wanted to jump him right away! She couldn’t stop fantasizing about him until they met again the following day. Now you are probably wondering when the action starts, well it is not a big “punch” but I can tell you that it quite surprised me when Gideon said his 4th or 5th sentence to Eva which was “Because I want to fuck you, Eva” on page 28. He said it straight like that! (This is so not professional and realistic but it’s not call a story for nothing! I have a hard time with some elements that aren’t realistic as you can see!) Other than that, this gorgeous dark haired man started his kinky adventure with Ms. Eva which turn into a romantic relationship. I won’t say more than that! It’s up to you to know what happens with them next ;)

I’m 34 pages away from the end of the book (yeah already) and I don’t know if that book is good or not. It’s hard to say because a few things are bugging me in the story; the characters are in their late 20s and they fight like teenagers…I mean, I bought a book for adult and I expected real adult fights and complications. If I wanted a teenage drama I would have bought a teenage novel. Plus, Eva which is the main character does not have much description…Her age is not even mentioned and not even what she looks like. I’m having a hard time imagining her. I guess the author did it on purpose so the reader have the feeling that it’s them who is having a hot adventure with the Number 25 richest man classified in Forbes in this book!

I bought Bared to You because it says that the book was “better” than Fifthy Shades of Grey and that lots of people and writers recommend to read this series of 3 novels before getting into FSOG. Bared to You promises lots of sensual and passionate scenes, that is for sure. But the whole story…Like I said, I still don’t know if I like it…I have 34 pages left to read but I can already give it a grade. I give it a 6/10 because the background story is really really weak. Also, while I was reading this one intense little scene of two full pages, my mouth remained open…No kidding, the scene was beautifully described! The novel is well written but I found it weak for me. Voilà!

Next Summer Reading will be at the end of the month!

**Update** I’m now done with the book and it’s at the end that we get more information about Eva! And there was a drama happenning at the end that I liked also. The thing I hate about Eva is that she keeps running away from problems instead of trying to fix it. She did that 6 times or more! Then the solution her boyfriend Gideon always finds is to make love to her as if it would solve everything…(humm…so not realistic) and Gideon freaks me out! He sounds like a psycho who cannot live without sex! At the beginning I thought he was just using Eva, but it turns out that he really likes her. Oh well! Other than that, I was satisfy with the end and will I buy the two other books? I will probably buy the second one yes. So my final score for the novel is 7/10!

Ginger xox

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