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Chasing the Sun
Here in Montreal, we might not have the right Spring weather yet but we do have the sun! Good start no? Despite the fact that we are still wearing our winter coat, we are permitted to wear some accessories while we wait for the real weather to come around!
This year the trend for sunglasses is quite cheesy but fun to try! My only tip for you in order to rock different kinds of shades is to not be afraid of looking ridiculous because now it seems to work in the industry of fashion. As long as it matches the features of your face, you are good!
I know that this spring/summer in Montreal, we will see lots of round sunglasses! Remember Rihanna’s performance at the 2012 Victoria Secret Fashion Show? She was wearing pearl round sunglasses and we must admit that it looked pretty nice on her! Because of her, round shades are selling quite well! The cat eye shades are a must!!! It gives you a sophisticated and feminine look. And the fun part of having sunglasses this year is to actually wear some crazy shapes of shades! A cheesy example would be a pair of heart shaped sunglasses!
If you are like me and like to collect sunglasses, I recommend you to buy them at a cheap price. No need to buy 11 pairs of shades of $100 each!
Here is a list of where to buy:
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