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Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Since it was the long weekend, I absolutely wanted to relax and stay home but I couldn’t refuse an invitation to go out on Saturday.

I got invited to a birthday party at a Supperclub so I accepted to go and I also asked my cousin and my best friend to join me. When we got there, there was a little misunderstood and I did not want to get in anymore so my cousin and my best friend decided to go at a place we never tried together. While on the road, we decided to go to the W Hotel in the Old Montreal in order to have a drink at their lounge called Plateau Lounge.

See my Outfit of the Night here.

When you walk inside the lounge, you are magnificently greeted by the old school beat of Dj Abeille and by the dimmed lights. You feel warm and relax when you make your way through the bar (amazing feeling). At the bar, a handsome barmaid asked us what we wanted and I was all excited to get the plate of strawberries covered of chocolate but it was too late to order it. We had to order it before 11pm (we got there at 12:40am unfortunately). To have more time deciding on what to drink, we took a menu and we sat on a comfortable spot next to the Dj booth. I met the manager of the lounge; he was very friendly! He made sure we all enjoyed the night.

IMG_0988_SignAfter ordering my drink, it was time to get active on the dancefloor! We danced to the sound of reggae and to my surprise; everyone was just looking at my cousin and I dancing. They left the dancefloor and smiled at us. That was pretty funny! The music was pretty lay back and there was lots of old school songs that made all the people nostalgic.

My last words: Plateau Lounge is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a night with your very close friends or with a date! The place is so comfortable that you would want to stay for the whole night! Oh and come early if you don’t want to miss the delicious snacks!

Get Cozy and Visit Plateau Lounge

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Ginger xox

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