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Andel picAndel is surprising me in every way. This guy is so hilarious; it’s incredible. The guy is cracking jokes every seconds! But then I got to know another side of him too! Andel is such an adorable person. He will support you in everything you do and that really touched me because I never thought he would care about others’ personal projects. But you know what? We’ve all arrived at a period where it is useful to support each other and believe in each other because we cannot succeed if we have no one to give us a little encouragement. So I would also say thank you Andel for your support!

Other than that he a shoe addict! He loves sneakers and has a collection of the latest Nike and Jordan!

On the last note, Andel, you are awesome! And you can be amazing if you don’t forget the Caramilk Vodka you owe me ;) (kidding)

Follow Andel on Twitter and Instagram: @AndelTG24

Ginger xox