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So every year in Montreal there is this night when nobody sleeps; it is called Nuit Blanche. This night consisted of several activities in the streets, in bars/clubs, in restaurants, in the metro (public transportation). And what is great about this night is that we can have fun all night and the metro is open all night also since ususally it closes at 1am on Saturdays. It was my fourth time participating. The first time I participated, I was with my mother and my lilttle brother and we went to the W Hotel to look at this very interesting painting exposition. Since then, I told myself that I would go there every year but now I always end up clubbing instead!

Again this year, my friends and I ended up at BLVD44 (one of my fav club) for it’s new PRVLG Saturdays hosted by 514VIP. For the first time, I was on the new PRVLG (privilege) list which has a few interesting elements; No cover, Free coat check and open bar all night! The staff knew I was under the PRVLG list because of the bracelet they gave me at the entrance. Dj AZ which is the  resident Dj of the club, made everybody sweat like usual! He is one of the best Dj in Montreal that I like. He always promises an excellent choice of music to make us dance all night. My friends were going crazy on the dancefloor! Despite the fact that it was packed, I had a lot of fun. The ambiance is just great and when you come in this club, you know you will have an amazing soirée! For now I’m not yet tired of this place and I will continue to come back whenever I’m free! And of course, put myself on the PRVLG list so I can drink as much as I can ;) Thanks to my promoter from 514VIP! BLVD44 is the place to absolutely try when you come to Montreal!


My Best Friend and I at BLVD44

Visit BLVD44



Ginger xoxo (I love my city!)