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SHM-Bell Centre February 27th, 2013. (picture taken by me)

SHM-Bell Centre February 27th, 2013. (picture taken by me)

Swedish House Mafia’s One Last Tour was magical! Seriously, this show have beaten every other shows/concerts that I went to in my entire life! And I would even say that I danced my life in there! At some point I thought I would die (I was feeling really tired and weak during the concert. I thought I would pass out. I had to drink a lot of water). But besides that little trouble, I had the best night ever!

First of all, I wasn’t happy with the fact that the doors were not open on time. It was snowing outside and we were all freezing. The show was supposed to start at 7pm. At 7:40pm, I was finally on my seat and the show started at 8.

Picture taken by me

Picture taken by me

Steve Angello’s younger brother, AN21 was the one to open the show! I didn’t even know he was part of the tour! I like him so much! I was getting excited to hear Bombs Over Capitals (he and Max Vangeli produced it together) but he did not played it :( This song is my FAV from them! I did not like the fact that the volume wasn’t loud enough. We could barely hear the music..

Then at 10pm, it was finally Swedish House Mafia’s turn to burn the Bell Centre up!

”We Come. We Rave. We Love.”

The stage was like 3 horizontal screens that moved and had animated clips playing during the show with nice colours and themes.

The music was insane so was the crowd! I was quite impressed with SHM because I thought they would just stand there and look at the crowd and pretend to press some buttons. They actually had a great stage presentation! What I mean by that is that they were active; they were playing electronic drums and/or other instruments, they sometimes got up on their turn tables, they were interacting with the crowd, and they were waving at the crowd, etc.

Picture taken by me

Picture taken by me

I didn’t want the show to end. I wanted it to last for 12h! I was in my own world there and the music was loud enough to make me completely forget about reality. I danced like a madwoman! I pushed the people next to me while dancing but I didn’t even care. One Last Tour was just what I needed! The ambiance was entertaining with the light games, the fire, the smoke, the colorful confetties and the balloons!

Thank You Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso for creating Swedish House Mafia and for the years of great house music.

This night is for sure unforgettable.

Facts about the night:

  • I didn’t know that Axwell liked to swear that much!!! In between almost every words he said, he would say the F word. It wasn’t necessary though…
  • I thought they would never play Save The World and Miami 2 Ibiza!! They made us sing along to Miami 2 Ibiza and Save The World was played for the finale.
  • I was surprised and happy when they put In The Air from Axwell. But then disappointed that they were talking while it was playing…
  • My Fav part of the show was when all three of them stood up on their booth, and waved the Canadian flag with the flag also showing on their big screen! Go Canada!
  • Lots of people dressed up…almost wearing nothing!
  • Lots of cuties!!!!

I teared up when this unbelievable show was over. Because this Tour was an end to Swedish House Mafia.

Ginger xoxo