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Valentines-Day-Desktop-Wallpapers-S350Hello Ladies and gents,

Tomorrow is the day of love! Got any plans yet? Well I know some of you haven’t planned anything yet for you and your date so I decided to list a few ideas that I have in mind for this year’s Valentine’s Day! Enjoy ;)

(Classic) Dinner at a restaurant

I know, it is a pretty cliché idea but people always enjoy a romantic one-on-one time with the loved one in a place where both of you are being served well cooked meals. For those like me who find any kinds of occasion to dress up classy, Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to bring your date to a high class restaurant. Here are 5 suggestions of restaurants around Montreal:

  • Ristorante Cavalli: Very mature Italian restaurant. Fine cuisine. Décor is absolutely gorgeous with their pink lights, perfect for couples
  • Verses Restaurant: Huge wine selection! It’s ”La Romance du Vin” on Valentine’s Day. Fan of wine? I suggest you reserve your place now!
  • Kyomi Restaurant: Very sophisticated sushi restaurant plus great it is an amazing place to have a little privacy since there aren’t plenty of tables. Bring you own wine!
  • Suite 701: Fabulous wine selection and the décor is romantic and chic. Splendid service also!
  • Grigio Restaurant: Modern décor and delicious meals.
  • Houston Restaurant: Very great menu and atmosphere. The whole restaurant is red, perfect for V-Day!

Watch the premiere of ”A Good Day To Die Hard”

Bruce Willis is back with in the role of John McClane. If you are a fan of this actor and you’ve seen all of his Die Hard movies, why not bring your date at the movies? Another cliché idea but since this action flick is coming out the 14th, it gives you a perfect reason to spend Valentine’s Day at the movie theatre!

Desire for chocolate

I don’t recommend to go to Juliette & Chocolat because it will be packed all day long! I know, I know this place is heaven on Earth but I suggest something different; how about a chocolate lounge? Try Suite 88 Chocolatier which offers a multiple choice of coffees, desserts all made of chocolate.

Champagne & Strawberries

I know this perfect sophisticated place where you can spice things up with champagne and strawberries dipped in chocolate; Plateau Lounge located inside of the W Hotel in square-Victoria. With Plateau Lounge‘s cozy décor, low sofas and candles everywhere, you will for sure feel the heat between you and your date…

Stay Home, Cook and don’t forget the flowers!

This is my only inexpensive suggestion! And the most simple one! What’s better than just cook a special meal for your date? Stay home is the best idea because you have your own privacy and anything could happened. If you can’t cook, you can always order some fancy sushi! And gentlemen, please don’t forget to bring beautiful roses for the lady! And Ladies, don’t forget your lingerie…

Even if you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend or a date, just go out with friends and show some love! V-Day is not all about couples; it is about showing appreciation for a person that you admire or love. It could be your cousin, your aunt, your best friend or even your parents!

And to end this post, how are you going to spend Valentine’s day?

Ginger xoxo