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549855_409105849181507_1234373901_nYou all know how much I am opened to all sorts of music types and especially new rends. I did not miss the chance to discover amazing bands during my free time. Since I’m always looking for new music trends, turns out that I ran into Lucas, an amazing artist from Montreal who went to the same college as me, last month in a bar he works at. I recognized him from a show he did with his old band 2 years ago. He told me to check out his new band called The Vare and he invited me to one of his shows which was January 30th. So my friend Sarah and I went to the bar where the show was happening and he was happy to see that I actually showed up! Haha. Dark and candle ambiance was surrounding us, and then the show started…

The Vare

The vare are an amazing band If You like indie music you are a winner if you get the chance to listen to their projects. The Vare should be on your playlist anytime soon! Mikey, the lead singer had a voice that brought me out of space! His voice is powerful and we could feel the emotion through his voice and the way the whole band created this symphony that took you into an emotional utopia.. Every time they would play a song, we would fall in love with their energy that they would put on stage. The songs were only getting better one after the other. We really enjoyed their performance and we didn’t want it to end. They were adorable to watch and to listen to. For sure there is a place waiting for them in the music industry and Sarah and I wish them all the luck because they deserve to be part of a revolution in the music world.  Thanks to the band for making a night to remember! :)

Here is one of our fav song from The Vare, The Way You Were

Then Sarah and I decided to stay for the next performance and we were quite impressed by this other artist…

Milo McMahon

This singer and his band had more to give then you would think. When he came on stage, we didn’t know what to expect, honestly! But when the band started to play, we were surprised to see that he brought a very original sense of rhythm! His songs are funny and the perfect combination to have a good night to be completed. What we really liked about their performance is that they interacted with the public and gave a little history and background of each song. Inspiration was sure to be present. It was as if he was telling us a story. And he is a pretty cool dude too! It was a pleasure to meet him and we are looking forward to hear more of his music!

Here is one of his songs he performed

It felt good to have a remarkable evening like that one with such good artists from Montreal. We are looking forward to support each one of them as much as we can.

Like The Vare on Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheVare

Visit Milo McMahon’s official website : www.milomcmahon.com

Ginger and Sarah xox