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Have you seen H&M’s latest commercial featuring David Beckham? If not, you are def missing something!

beckhamhm_clvBeckham is the visage of H&M Bodywear colection for men and he is looking absolutely great. The short film was produced by Guy Ritchie (director of 2 Sherlock Holmes movies, a Nike commercial and producer of game trailer of Call Of Duty: Black Ops II). The commercial is funny and well done; Beckham is running with white slippers on his feet and is getting undressed and he looks gorgeous when he runs! The add of the song Don’t Stop by Foster The People matches beautifully with the short film/commercial. Plus, it offers a very good look on the pro soccer player’s sexy butt shape! Please, forgive me for being a little vulgar here but…Beckham got that Ass!

Here is the video of the short film for H&M Bodywear

Good Job Guy Ritchie ;)

Ginger xox

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