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Beyonce Super Bowl 2013_alancross.caWanna dance like Beyoncé?
I do! I hope you guys liked her performance. It looked more like a Beyoncé concert instead of a simple SuperBowl half time show.

I’m not a big fan of football and the reason I was watching the Superbowl was to see her shake on stage. Let me tell you that I was pretty excited! I was yelling “woohoo you go girl”, and dancing on my chair (with my BBQ ribs in my left hand which was also in the air).

I was glad to see Queen B back on stage and glad to see that she was in a very good shape. Her outfit looked smoking sexy on her! I loved when Kelly and Michelle joined her and sang together as Destiny’s Child. I was feeling nostalgic!

The lightning games were beautiful and colorful and super bright; that might have been the reason for the “light out” after her performance.
It was a genius idea to start the show with one of her greatest hit “Crazy In Love“. For instance I thought she would sing “Who Runs the World” since there were only women on stage, but I guess she decided to put this single aside. The choreography was excellent and when the show was done, I wanted more! Queen B knows how to give a hell of a show! All I could think of for the rest of the night was Beyoncé, Beyoncé, Beyoncé. She makes me want to train again in order to dance exactly like her; I’m motivated! It might be fun if I do a dance video on one of her songs…perhaps I could do it on “Dance 4 You”…What a hot hot song :)
And right after her performance, Evenko announced on Twitter that she was going to be on Tour which is called Mrs. Carter. She will be in MTL at the Bell Centre July 22nd. I’m going to do my best to not miss it! Will you go?

Ginger xox

P. S. Michelle from Destiny’s Child has always been the weakness of the group and I found on my FB timeline a website called poormichelle.com which contains facts to prove that she is always left behind. Poor Woman. Sad.