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Hey Ladies, this post is a super-short one! I wanted to quickly share a few words about Chanel’s collection!

Chanel Couture of Spring/Summer 2013 looks fabulous.

Karl Lagerfeld created once again a collection that describes purely what is Haute Couture and reflects perfectly the history of Chanel with the use of the brand’s classic and famous fabric; Tweed.

Chanel 1

The lace adds a touch of romantic-gothic emotion to the show as well as the make up and hair.
Chanel 2

And to bring us into the ”spirit of Spring” (as I call it) Lagerfeld did not forget about the floral prints/details on his couture pieces. It is a very jolie, yet sophisticated collection for this new year. Karl Lagerfeld never disappoints. That is why Chanel will always be my favorite brand.
Chanel 3All the pictures are from the Chanel App

GyGy xox