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Ladies and gentlemen, are you happy like me that HOCKEY IS FINALLY BACK?

GalchenyukI was extremely happy to see my fav team back in uniforms and ready to play. The Canadiens de Montreal was back in town for the first game against the Maple Leafs of Toronto which was Saturday, January 19th. My good friend and I ended up watching the game at La Cage Aux Sports in the Bell Centre. The ambiance was amazing and it was actually my first time going there during a hockey game. My friend and I bought so much food! Hahah! And the restaurant was offering a free Coors Light to everyone which was awesome! Unfortunately, the Habs lost 2-1 and Gionta #21 was the one to score a goal. Our night didn’t stop there, after finishing our plates we decided to wait next to the garage, behind the Bell Centre, where all the players get out after a match. Even though the players were in a car, we still was close enough to see who was inside! We saw Gionta, Price and Eller with his wife (the other players were already out. we missed them because apperently we came in the back half an hour late if I wanted to see all the other team members). Unexpectedly, I noticed in the door behing us that Brandon Prust’s girlfriend was standing there and we thought “Prust must be coming out soon!”. And there he was a couple of seconds ago; in front of us. My friend asked for a picture and he was nice enough to take the time with each other for a pose. I was really (extremely) happy to see him :D He seemed a little bit pissed because of the lost but he was calm and nice to us, not like her girlfriend who was talking with a very cold tone. Anyway, we were so happy about our night; we ate like pigs and we meet one of our fav Habs player! But of course, we were pretty sad that P. K. Subban wasn’t there. I wonder if he will end up signing the contract..


I look horrible but whatever! With Brandon Prust #8

That was it for this post, I just wanted to quickly share my Saturday night for the first hockey game! Stay tune because I will write a review/comment about la Cage Aux Sports for those from outside of Quebec who don’t know what it is about!

GyGy who is in love with the HABS!!