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Jack HarriesHello Ladies,

Lets travel to the UK and meet Jack Harries. He is simply and naturally gorgeous. He is not a model, nor an actor, nor a singer but a YouTuber. He is known for his funny videos on his YouTube Channel that has over 900,000 subscribers! This 19-years-old cutie’s hometown is London but he is currently at Bristol University and lives on campus. Plus, Jack has a great sense of style; he is always well dressed and well coiffed in his videos, pictures and even live video chat! Oh and that’s not it, he has a twin who is 2 seconds older than him. His name is Finn and he also appears in Jack’s video. Finn is actually a web designer and he studies in lives on campus at an university in Leeds, UK. Jack and Finn are both called the “hottest twins” in the UK and girls are crazy about them. They also make once in a while live video chat on YouNow and they are fun to watch. You can even take a snpshot of them while they are live! (I finally could see them live today!)

What makes them charming? Their sexy British accent and the fact that they like to travel and they are open to other’s culture. Hopefully they will come to Canada this year ;)

You can check out Jack on:

And you can check out Finn on:

Today's live chat with Jack and Finn; my snapshot!

Today’s live chat with Jack and Finn; my snapshot!

GyGy xoxo