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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

I have to talk to you about this great Italian restaurant in Laval. I went there two weeks ago with my Marketing classmates and I liked it! Grigio is a classy and romantic place to go eat. It is also comfortable for groups and the service is excellent! Plus, you can bring your own wine!

Grigio restaurant_Laval_SignThe menu is written in Italian which gives you the impression that you are suddenly in Europe (it is traduced in French/English underneath). There is a vast choice of meals that are available for your appetite! They are divided by categories; Appetizers, Salads, Oven Baked, Veal Cutlets, Grill, Pasta, Desserts and Children’s Menu. It took me quite a while to decided what to take. My choice stopped in the Grill category at Filetto Di Pollo Toscanini which was chicken garnished by a sauce made with white wine, mushrooms, pancetta (Italian bacon) pasta and other vegetables on the side. The dish was delicious! The chicken was well cooked and the sauce on it was pleasant to eat with the meat because you could taste just a little bit the white wine. The pasta were very good as well. For dessert, my friend gave me her bithday cake (given by the restaurant) which was a slice of double chocolate cake. It was huge! Grigio is pretty generous for birthday cakes. And it wasn’t a cheap chocolate cake that they give you, it’s a rich and creamy and moist cake that melt in your mouth. It was the most amazing chocolate cake I ever had in my entire life. Wow! And I tasted my friend’s Crème Brulée and we were disappointed about it because it was ice cold! We felt like we were eating an ice cream.

The services between the meals were really quick and the waitress was so funny! She made sure everything was fine with each customer. I give a 9/10 for the overall experience and I strongly recommend it for people who like to eat at classy restaurants!

Grigio_logo993 Blvd. St Martin West
Chomedey, Laval H7S 1M5
Phone: 450 663-0055