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Rob Kardashian_Moomba_flyerFor those who aren’t aware of it, a Kardashian will be in the city!! That’s right, Rob Kardash will make an appearance at Moomba Supperclub Friday December 21th! I’m so excited for this event :) I will try my best to be there so I could write about it.

The week wasn’t that easy for Rob. I spotted him writing on Twitter about his now-ex-girlfriend Rita Ora cheating on him with 20 men. Plus he started to diss her with a couple of other tweets. Rita confirmed during an interview that she never loved him but she had a “fascination with him”. Poor Rob, he still can’t find a solid relationship. However, he had the perfect girlfriend when he was with Adrienne Bailon (ex member of the Cheetah Girls). They were on the right track in their relationship since Adrienne was a nice and mature woman who really loved him and cared about him. We all thought it would last forever but he unfortunately was the one who ruined it all by cheating on her. He regretted what he did and confessed to Adrienne that he loved her more than anything but Adrienne wouldn’t take him back. He got depressed and since then he is trying to find a honest and loyal relationship…with difficulty. Now that he got cheated on, he understands what he had done to his two-years-ex-girlfriend and he realises that it is unfair to do that to a person..(it was time for him to grow up a little).

His bad tweets about Rita Ora were discussed in several blogs and magazines. As a solution, he decided to erase all of his tweets and now he is down to 58 tweets in total.

To stay busy, he still continues to run his sock collection for men Arthur George which you can buy online on Neiman Marcus’ website ($30 each pair). He is also currently working on a menswear collection for the Kardashian Kollection for Sears.

Hopefully Rob will love the ladies of Montreal. They will quickly make him forget about his break up with Ms. Rita ;) He looked quite excited when he tweeted this yesterday (December 5)

Rob Kardashian_Tweet2