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First I need to say WOW. You will know why in a couple paragraphs later.

At my arrival to the Bell Centre, I quickly went in line with my friend. We suddenly heard girls screaming almost to death in front of the entrance. We pushed ourselves to the right to see what was happening throught the windows and there He was, waving to the fans!! I was frozen, I couldn’t believe Justin Bieber was there saying Hello from inside! Hahah!

The show sarted right on time and to my surprise The Wanted was the first to start. I didn’t even know they were part of JB’s Tour. They started their performance with “Chasing the Sun” which made the crowd go crazy. Then they did 3 singles that I never heard of before and they were pretty interesting. They finally finished the show with “Glad you Came”. The overall performance was good but the only thing I didn’t really like was the group’s stage presence. What I mean by that is that since they are not dancers, they wasn’t any dancing and when one of the members was singing, the others would stay there on stage doing nothing or just quickly wave at the crowd.

30 minutes after The Wanted were done performing their 5 musical pieces, it was Carly Rae Jepsen’s turn. She shyly came to stage wearing a black spiked corset, a black and silver jacket and a gold sequined skirt. I don’t really like her kind of music but she gave her fans a decent show. She had no backup dancers so she had to try hard to entertained the Bell Centre because she couldn’t jump around or dance since she was wearing a short skirt (not a good idea). Her solution was to walk around the stage and make us sing with her. She also needed a “new best friend” to come up on stage. She picked up a teenage boy who stood standing next to her for 40 seconds. Before the boy left the stage, Carly gave him a little gift that looked like a copy of her album “Kiss”. She finished her performance with her hit single “Call Me Maybe”.

Then it was the break. A long, long, long break.

We all were getting impatiently excited for Him. To pass the time, we were all singing some of his songs and they would often scream His name. From where I was sitting, I could see quite well the stage and I could also see what was happening backstage!! After a couple of minutes, a countdown of fifthteen minutes appeared on the screen. The screams of little girls were loud! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, show time. Justin Bieber finally flew across the stage with a huge silver machine that had the shape of wings and dressed all in white. He started the show with “All Around The World” followed by “Take You”. I melted! Everyone was dancing and singing along with him. Then he switched back to his debut singles that brought back souvenirs of when I first discovered him. At a specific moment, he placed himself in a round platform. Right before the moving platform started to move, he said “First I need to put my safety belt on” and he put up his white shirt so we could see a little bit of his skin and BOOM, girls (not me) were going nuts!! Following this dramatic event, while his platform was moving, he took advantage of this moment to perform accoustic versions of “Die In Your Arms”, “Alright” and “Fall”.

The part that everyone was the most excited about was the part were a girl had to join him on stage during his “One Less Lonely Girl” performance. It was disappointing though because he didn’t do anything special to the teenage girl. He simply sat next to her, looked at her and touched her face at least four times and ended the scene by giving her a side hug and he took her hand and drag her backstage. There was not even a kiss on the cheek or a little personal dance for the girl!! I guess he is not ready for that yet!

While Bieber went backstage, on the screens, were playing a little video of him explaining that he was greatful to be where he is right now and showed us little clips of him during his childhood. Suddenly I was sad; I had a feeling that it was the end.

Right after the video, he came back on stage wearing an open black leather jacket with spikes on the shoulders and….shirtless underneath :O and then BOOM again!!! This time I was among the screaming-to-death girls because despite my far-away seat (which was all the way up) I could see his abs glowing and on the screen we could clearly see its structure and details (and I am crazy about guys’ abs)! Then he said “That is for all of you” and he started singing “As Long As You Love Me” which is my FAVOURITE song. I must admit, I had water in my eyes (glowing abs + my fav song + dancing) <;– That formula explains it all! Followed by this stuning performance, he told the crowd that there was one song remaining. He ran toward his piano and played "Believe" and went backstage after. I was telling myself 'It is impossible that the show ends now because he hasn't sang "Boyfriend" yet.

"JUSTIN. JUSTIN. JUSTIN" the crowd yelled to try to make him come back.
He finally appears for the last time and finished the show with "Boyfriend" and "Baby". And that was it. 20 songs in total. I was satisfied. I was glad to assist one of his shows for the first time.

I had this weird feeling though; I didn't feel like it was Justin Bieber "The famous star" performing. I felt like it was a friend of mine. The chemestry that Justin have with his fans is really powerful. Call me crazy but an excellent artist/performer is the one who is connected to his/her fans like they were their own friends; who can look into each of his/her fans eyes and enjoy making them happy. Bieber was smiling during his entire show and he somehow just made the crowd feel at ease. He also successfully charmed the adults! Oh yes! Mothers and fathers were singing and dancing with their daughters and for some with their sons. I'm telling you, this show was for everyone because the concert had all the elements to make any kinds of crowd well entertained.

My last thoughts on the Believe Tour:
Just by himself, Justin Bieber's part was amazing. Not just because he sang my fav songs or because he showed his abs at the end but rather because it was quite well organised and prepared. He wasn't lost during his dancing performance and the backup dancers were extremely talented which gave the show an HUGE plus. Also, he barely let us time to breath which is good because he kept on going and going without any confused paused. Even though he had to drink water, he found a way to keep the good vibe going! To add more, there were fire, smoke, confetties and little fireworks to complete the look of a successful show.

To conclude, Justin Bieber is really talented and it shows through his final result: the concert. It was worth every penny and I was so happy to be there with my friend. I hope for him that he will never stop doing music because he is in an extremely good position.