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Fall is coming to an end and I am really sad about it. I don’t like winter because it is cold, there is snow, and the ground is slippery. This Fall we had lots of variety of ankle boots and shoes that we could wear.  Here are 5 styles that were trending this season.



1. Short riding boots styled with studs are super popular at the moment. The studs add a rockstar feeling to it and I guess it is why we are attracted to these boots! I mean, who doesn’t want to be a rockstar?

2. Jeffrey Campbell is a genius! What I like about this brand is that it creates shoes for all kinds of people. What is special about these boots above is the tip is made out of metal. Believe me, you will look badass with them ;)

3. We can’t forget about the sneaker-wedge. People are going crazy with that style of shoes since Jeffrey Campbell re-designed them (because it existed way back around the year 2002-2003). Now designers like Marc Jacob, Micheal Kors, Chanel, and more have the sneaker-wedge in their collection. Very comfortable and you can wear them in any occasions!

4. Crazy high wedges were popular this season and were worn a lot in the nightlife scene.

5. And finally the hot-and-comfy UGG! They might not be the perfect for winter but they have been very useful for the cold days of Fall. I think we will definitely never get tired of UGGs!

Which ones did you like to wear for Fall?

Are you excited for winter? As for me, you already know the answer!