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As promised here is my little story about Simple Plan.
Three weeks ago, my good friend invited me to go to an event at her job. She said “My boss put us on the vip list”. So you know I was excited about it because we both didn’t know what was happening! So when we got there, I saw a poster that said “Jam Session with Members of Simple Plan”. I was like :O I didn’t even did my research or prepared questions. When I got in, I could already see Sebastien taking picture with young kids. So I walk around the room with my friend and I tried to remember what I’ve read about them on Twitter. I remembered that they had a book coming out soon and that they just got out of a tour in Central and South America (Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico, ect). So Chuck appeared an hour after and the event really started. The event was about the re-launch of Musique X which is a music program to helps kids and teenagers to work on music projects as well as to learn to play instruments, to sing and to even record some songs. The kids did a live jam session where they sang Simple Plan’s successful hits “Welcome To My Life” and “Summer Paradise”. They were amazing! After that we could take pictures, signatures and talk with them so I went straight to Sebastien and I wanted to ask a question. My question was quite simple but I decided to say it anyways in French;

Me: “Hi Seb! How are you?”

Sebastien (from Simple Plan): “I’m good thank you and you?”

Me: “I’m pretty good thanks. I have a little question for you.”

Sebastien: “Go ahead.”

Me: “Earlier you said that you guys automatically decided to start doing music in English and I was just wondering why did you decide to write songs in English and did you guys already spoke in English?”

Sebastien: “We were inspired by the types of music that we used to listened to which were in English and we thought that if we would sing in French, we wouldn’t be were we are now. Our goal was for our band to get known internationally. We lived in Laval and some in the West Island so there was lots of anglophones there and we learn English with them and also with the music that we listened to.”

Me: “Music is a great way to learn English and people use music as an option to learn languages since English class at school now is very useless. kids learn absolutely nothing and they are not motivated. It’s like me, I decided to study in English because I saw that we would have more opportunities if I speak English. You guys are a great inspiration for kids in Quebec, and I know some people who actually learn and understood English by listening to your music!”

Sebastien: “Well thank you! Yeah, it is true, now we have to be very motivated to learn another language and I think English is really important like you said because it will open more opportunities.”

Me: “Thank you for answering my questions”

Sebastien: “You are welcome”

And then I went to look for Chuck and asked a question that lots of people have probably already asks all the time!

Me: “Hi again Chuck!” (I went to Chuck for a picture before and he asked to borrow my friend’s Sharpie pen and then found me and gave it back to me as promised! Then I talked with Seb and after I came back to Chuck to ask my question)

Chuck (From Simple Plan): “Hey”

Me: “Do you have a few minutes to answer my question?” *he was surrended by kids who kept asking for a third picture with him!

Chuck: “Yes sure!”

Me: “Okay so I always tell myself that I would get married to a hockey player (*Then Chuck laughed*) and you know athletes and musician kind of have the same schedule. They are always away from home. You guys all have girlfriends and wives for some of you and I would like to know how is it for them?”

Chuck: “They are patient!” (*We laughed*) “I mean it is not always easy but they got to be patient. Sometimes when we are away for a short period of time, they come with us but when we are away for like three months or more they don’t have a choice but wait for us to come back.”

Me: “Oufff! That must be tough for them! I think I can do it too!”

Chuck: “yeah…” (Then we got interrupted by a mother and her kid who asked for a picture and autograph. Then he turned to me and said) “Can I borrow your Sharpie again please? I will give it back to you again for sure.”

I said yes and I never had my friend’s Sharpie back! Haha! It was a good soiree. I really enjoyed it and Seb and Chuck were so nice and patient with everyone.

It wasn’t my first time meeting them. Back in Summer 2011 when I was part of Virgin Radio’s Street Team, I participated at a private show at L’Astral that they did for Artiste Du Mois of MusiquePlus. Right before the opening of the doors for the spectators, the members walked in front of us and I said “Hi” to everyone and they all replied to me and I don’t remember which one of them (Jeff or Chuck) said to me “how are you?” They were so happy and all smily! Then Pierre came back from backstage and we asked for a picture.

Good times! So that is all for my story with Simple Plan.