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Another Must Have post and this time it is about clothes YOU must have this year :)

First, you must have a v-neck blouse for this spring. Perfect to pu ton to go to work or to go to a classy diner. Here is one from DKNY that I really like


After that there is this skirt  from Topshop that is pretty cool. This Spring the Aztec prints will be popular once again


Next thing YOU must have is this bright yellow blazer from H&M. I like this piece of clothe :)


This year a jeans jacket with diamonds are the MUST :) Like this one from Forever21 that I actually bought last month. This jacket is the best thing I ever bought!! Im deep in love with it!


And finally a pair of blue jeans, OHHHHHH YEAH :) This one is from Topshop


Okay I know I said it was only clothes but I just wanted to say that YOU must have a pair of WEDGES!!!!! :)

from Nastygal.com


That’s it people!

GyGy, Muahhh!