Heyy, it’s been a while :O

Well I have been busy with school, work, people and dreams. All summer long I was out of the house! I was in Virgin Radio”s Montreal Street team. I had so much fun at the beginning. I’ve met some celebrities like my fav hockey player P.K. Subban, Simple Plan, Kaskade, Down With Webster and that is probaly it. My obssession with Kaskade is never gonna end!! Fire&Ice (his latest album) is the BOMB! It is so magical!! I will always remember the night I went to see him live for the first time at my favourite club called Lamouche; April 23rd 2011. This Dj is incredible. I will always love his music <3

 So what’s up with me? Ahh still the same; I am now 19 years old and I’m living the life of a young adult. Well kinda. This year my 19th birthday party was amazing!!! I had the limousine, my friends, VIP tables behind the DJ booth and BOTTLES :D The party was at Imperial Room, one of Montreal’s most popular club. It was actually my first time there and let me tell you that I had a blast. Good music and great decor.

All summer long I fought for a job. I was employed to work at Montreal’s Six Flags but I was unfortunately on call and they actually start calling me in August. WTF?? But in August, I was called for an interview at a brand new restaurant located downtown montreal and I got the job! Since then, I work there part time and I like it. For this winter break, I am going to have two jobs because I want to be busy and have $$$.

I finished my third semester in college yesterday yahoooo! Time to party but……….I don’t know where! There are way too many end of session parties during the same day, which is pretty ridiculous. They are all next friday and I have to make my choice quickly!!

For this New Year’s Eve, I want to celebrate at a club this time. I’m just tired of staying home with the family. It is becoming boring; there are no more parties going on in our BIG family :( That sucks. So I was thinking maybe celebrate it at Imperial Room or Lamouche? Hummmmmmmmm.

Anyway, That’s it for today. I hope to post more updates later on this month. Have a happy holiday people :)

GyGy who wants to party!