(First i just wanna say sorry if i’m making mistakes. The keyboard i’m using right now is weird)

These last two months I’ve been thinking a lot. I kept traveling around the Moon instead of staying on Earth. The guy I was telling you about on my last post..well…I’m sooooooooooo done with him. WAY DONE!! I couldn’t stand his stupidity no more. I thought we would stay friends but i guess we need to stop talking to each other for a while..You know, before, i didn’t really believed that boys were stupid but now with what had happened to me and some of my friends, all i can say is THEY CAN KISS MY ASS!! Why my generation of young boys has to be complicated?..I don’t understand the way they think and the way they talk anymore. I don’t understand how they choose their girlfriends either. That’s something that’s bugging me. They don’t know how to choose. What I mean is that they only go for the girl who is actually acting as a groupy with them instead of going for the girl who cares about them. Boys are freaking blind and i bet they will never change. I don’t know what they think or how they think but the only thing i know is they keep hurting people who obviously doesn’t deserve to be hurt and just need to be loved for once. Love is supposed to be fair now I just see love as a War..and i hate it. I guess that’s part of life and I need to be prepared to become a soldier of love..

Last Friday was my Prom :) I’m proud of what I’ve been accomplishing! I finally finish High School and i’m officially going to college!! Congrats to myself! WOW! Even though i’m happy, i’m also sad :'( I’m gonna miss everyone and oh God! every single person at the Prom was so beautiful and gorgeous! damnn i can’t believe we are changing into men and women! Haha! You know, after a prom there is an After-Prom..and i miss it because of my parents -_-‘ I’m mad at them for that. The day of the after-prom was the day of my mom’s big party to celebrate three events: My graduation, my brother’s B-day and my parents’ 16th wedding anniversary. Oh God, i missed the most important party of my life…

Random 1: Lately, i’ve been listening to Bobby Bazini. one of my favorite songs is ”I Wonder”. This is a perfect love song! The lyrics are so cute :) ”Oh sometimes
I wonder
Will you be my shoulder?
If I cry, would you comfort me … yeah

Will you love me forever?
And will you take me like no other?
Cause no I can’t say
What’s in your heart, Yeah!” -Bobby Bazini

Random 2: You have a cellphone and you want to bling it to the max? LuxAddiction makes phone cases with diamonds and all the cute stuff girls like! There are also tons of Hello Kitty stuff :) go check them out http://www.luxaddiction.com/

Random 3: Designer of the Month: Holly Fulton! Her collection for Fall 2010 is just colorful! The colors she used for her clothes are flashy (I don’t know if that word exist!)! like: orange, silver, yellow, blue and shiny rather than use boring colors like brown and an ugly kind of green! http://www.hollyfulton.com/

Okay I think that’s it! I wanted to write more but my little cousin keeps talking to me.

GyGy who will be very emotional this month!

P.S. Eclipse was E.X.C.E.L.L.E.N.T.!!!!!!!!!!! GO SEE THIS MOVIE!! and rememeber, TAYLOR LAUTNER IS MINE ;) Have a good summer people :D