Hello :D

I don’t really know what to write today! Since I have a little time on the computer, why not write a little something? Okay! Next Saturday I have an English placement test at my college! I’m excited :) I’m happy to finally finish high school but at the same time, I’m gonna miss everyone :( I’m scared because people will maybe forget me. I will never forget them and I will try to stay connected with them as much as possible. Every person is important for me. I’m also scared of growing up. I mean.. a new life will start as soon as I will put a foot in college and I will also turn 18 years old. That’s scary. yeah 18 is great because I can buy alcohol, lottery and I can vote and go clubbing and almost do everything I want. Almost. But responsabilities come with that too. I don’t know if I will be ready for that :S Turning 18 is HUGE!!! Anyway, I’m happy to have the opportunity to study at an english college.

Love? Haha! I’m not in love. Yet. I just have a crush on someone. You know, I really like this person. I found him mysterious and that’s what I like about him. I just wish we could see each other outside of school. School is freaking annoying :/  Hey about school, my prom is coming soon!! And I unfortunately don’t have a date! (Damn! I just burned my tongue with a fried potato XD!!) just to make something clear : I’m not gonna let myself get played  by a stupid guy. I may be look like a little cat but with guys, I’m not playing. They better treat me right XDD!! I hate impolite people! urg! If you are impolite, don’t talk to me! Haha!

Fashion :) HiHi! My two designers of the moment is Viktor & Rolf and Lanvin. They make such amazing clothes!! Omg!! Their Spring/Summer 2010 collection is just beautiful! I also discovered a new Canadian jewelry brand called Claudia Accessories. Her collection is soo soft and shiny. Most of her jewelries are made with Swarovski crystals. Lovely. Here is her website:  http://www.claudiaaccessories.com/

Writing. I miss writing scenarios. I don’t have time. since school had started, I haven’t had written anything :( I’ve been busy with homework and exams -_-” well, I’ve been written little poems, though! yeah really!! XDD!!

Anyway that’s it for today! I hope you guys are having fun ;)

GyGy who smiles to you <3

p.s. sorry for the mistakes!! I’m too lazy to correct them!! lol.