HaHa!! I’m a bad blogger! Shame on me! My last post was on December 29th!! I haven’t written anything since 2010 came to us :o shame on me again!!

Well a lot had happened with me. I made new friends, stress is always following me, I got depress several times..ah..life. You know. and I even had the time to have feelings for someone :S That’s weird because I’m very complicated but this guy..impressed me? Yea! He was so charming! The thing is….he suddently has a girlfriend!! Haha! I laughed at that one XD! I’m not jealous..it just happens so fast. Feelings can be very difficult to understand! Whatever! I love anglophones anyway!! :)

I thought this year would be THE YEAR (like everyone else) but to my big surprise, it isn’t. Everything is so complicated!! And hard to understand. And hard to live with. Yes, since the beginning of the year, I feel like I’m living in a fake world, with fake smiles and laughs and fake love. Problems everywhere, stress everywhere. I’m kind of tired of this shit. I try to stay away from home as possible. My dad is pissing me off. I try to go out and have fun with everybody I know..or don’t know XD! I just want school to be over and I ABSOLUTLY want SUMMER right now!!!

To remove all the stress that I have, I just talk with people. It’s my last year at this boring school and I need to talk with people!  Also, I’ve been writing a lot these days. (yay!) So much is going on in my life and, it gives me inspiration to write. Nobody really knows that I write plays and songs.!

Random 1: I’M APPEARING  HERE>http://mannequin.clindoeil.ca/candidates   You have to find me :) Right now, I’m in page 6!!

Random 2: Alex Evans changed his blog design! It’s great! Go check it out ;) www.alexevans.net

Random 3: I don’t really like Lady GaGa’s music video Telephone. I like her so much but I didn’t think the video would look like that!! BUT I like every outfits and makeups and hairstyles in the video.

Random 4: I’ve been watching several new tv shows on MTV Canada. The Buried Life was actually great and funny to watch (season One is actually finish) :) My Life As Liz is also new but I don’t really like it though! Everything is plan, come oooon guys!! Be original. Be diffirent!!!!!! I heard Ugly Betty is going to be over for ever?? NOOOOOOOOOO :'( and also, I can’t wait for The Hills season finale :)

Random 5: I found my Prom Dress :D

Okay, I think that’s it for tonight! or for this early morning (it’s like 2:21am!)

GyGy (who hates you :o) JoKe I love you guys!! Big Smile :)