I hope everyone had a Fabulous Christmas :)! I had pretty gifts! I even buy myself Lady GaGa’s The Fame Monster cd! I’m telling you: GO BUY IT IF YOU DON’T HAVE IT!! It is soo good! I just love her! On the 26th, I went to work in an electronic store called ”Centre Hi Fi”. It was soo much fun! (My first real experience in the work industry!)

2010 is coming soon! I seriously hope for a good year and a good future. In this year, I’m going to apply to colleges, finish my high school and graduate,  start college, and have 18 yrs old. I hope I can realize what I always dream to do without anything in my way. Without any problems. I want to succeed in life. That’s all. I want to be happy and not depress all the time.  And finally I just want for my dreams to come true. What do you wish for, for the next year?

I just had soo much stuff to say but I can’t remember what they were!!! Sorry!

Happy New Year’s Eve!!