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Yup!! Yesterday was my 17th B-Day!!!!!! I had a delicious Chocolate Cake! (My Favorite)

Okay, the question that I’ve been asking myself quite often last and this year is: What kind of  job do I want to do later? This is a serious one because it’s actually my last year in High school and I have to make my choice quickly. There are a lot of jobs that are interesting. and I have a lot of projects that I want to realize too! But I finally made a decision about what I should study and I am going to study in the Business Managment (Marketing) program at an English College. But what kind of job do I want to do? Again, I don’t know because I have too much options!! BIG PROJECTS!! BIG PLANS, does it means that i will have a BIG FUTURE? BIG QUESTION MARK!!!

Two weeks ago, my brother and I had the swine flux and let me tell you that it was soooo not funny. I’m telling you: go get vaccinated. even if you think that it will do nothing for you, I think you should get it anyway because it’s the only thing that we have for now and we never know what will happen next.

RANDOM stuff: I soooooooo love Hello Kitty<3 She is the cutest cat ever!!!

I saw Lady GaGa’s new music video Bad Romance and I kind of like it! It is very original! I love her style and her weird way of  acting in her videos! I just love her!

I just learned that in the Twilight saga, they are gonna make Breaking Dawn into a movie but CUT in 3 parts!!!! That’s…i don’t know…Maybe too much?  They already started to open their casting calls!! Oh God!! Check it out yourself

Okay, I’m done writing for today. Cya!!

GyGy :) (Sorry if I have mistakes ;p)