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Hello darlings,

Major news, I have a sister blog called Clothes and Poutine and everything concerning fashion and food will be directly posted in this blog. I am planning on going further with my blogging expertise! I cannot believe that I’ve been blogging for 6 years! I always have new projects and I need to focus on one at a time! So, Clothes and Poutine is the sister of TheGingerBook and will be sharing the same Facebook page, and the same pinterest. I worked so hard on this blog and I do not want it to disapear anytime soon. I do not know what it will become but it will most probably become a more intimate blog about my lifestyle and traveling experience. Stay tuned!

So, my birthday is coming up really quickly and I shared my wishlist on ClothesandPoutine. With the fabulous Mavatar App, I decided to make a collection where you can shop what’s in this year’s birthday wishlist! The new Lancôme mascara Grandiôse is something that I cannot wait to purchase. I cheated a bit and I bought in advance the Christian Louboutin nail polish! I got the coral color which is called Miss Loubi. The new Miu Miu diamond sneakers are pretty hot this season! They were seen on Kendall Jenner during Fashion Week. I adore them!

Shop Shop Shop ;)

GyGy Ginger xox

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